Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council is comprised of elected class members from Reception to Year 9. The members are voted for by their peers. Members need to demonstrate the school values and leadership skills.

SRC meetings are conducted on a fortnightly basis. The meetings are chaired by students under the guidance of a staff member. School events, fundraising, student concerns and celebrations are some of the issues discussed and acted upon.

Initiatives and events the SRC have been involved in last year include:

  • Harmony Day Fundraiser (wear something Orange)
  • ‘Fun Friday’ (wear your pj’s or something comfortable)
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Mother’s Day Shop



Congratulations to our 2021 SRC Members:

Junior School:

  • Junior School SRC Coordinator - Ms Lori Pope
  • R/1A - Ruby T
  • R/1B - Luca B
  • 2/3A - Riley H
  • 2/3B - Alice F
  • 4/5A - Holly W
  • 5/6A - Emilee H
  • 5/6B - Scarlett B

Middle School:

  • Middle School SRC Coordinator - Vanessa Chambers
  • 7/8A - Lauren Vales and Hudson Cook
  • 7/8B - Mexie Marks and Tasi Wright
  • 8/9A - Mya McQuary and Max Deed-Cole
  • 8/9B - Cassidy O’Flaherty and Eben Hall