About Governing Councils 

School Governing councils work with the principal to help set and monitor the direction of a site.

A governing council meets regularly to talk about the direction for the site. The timing of meetings can be different for each site, but it’s usually twice a term.

Meetings are a big part of being on a governing council, but it’s not only that. A role on governing council might include:

  • set the broad direction and vision of the site

  • be on an interview panel to select the site’s principal or director

  • organise fundraising events or school busy bees

  • involve the local community

  • approve local policies and budgets

  • be an employing authority of out of school hours care (OSHC) or canteen staff.

You can find out more about the roles and responsibilities of Governing Council’s HERE.

The Governing Council has the following sub-committees:

  • Finance

  • Halls and Grounds

  • Canteen

  • OSHC

  • Fundraising

Interested parents/carers are invited to participate on sub-committees. To find out more contact the Governing Council Secretary on yasgoverningcouncil@gmail.com

2021 YAS Governing Council

Governing Council members are elected annually in Term 1. The 2021 Governing Council members are:

  • Chairperson - Rob Davis

  • Co Chairperson - Tony Miers

  • Vice Chairperson - Bridget Fox

  • Secretary - Clare Conroy

  • Treasurer - Aimee Chadwick

  • Parent Representatives - Shane Grocke, Josh Jenkins, Simon Reed

  • Community Representatives - Julianne Rilstone, David Hammond

  • Staff Representatives - Sonia Parker (Principal), Terry Owen (Finance Manager) Emma Zimmerman, Anna Symonds