Arbury Park Outdoor School Camp

In Week 2 the Year 4 and 5's went to Arbury Park Outdoor School for a 3-day camp. Day 1 consisted of hiking into the campgrounds from the Bridgewater Oval with our amazing Arbury leader, Paul! From there we split into our dorm groups and were shown around the grounds before playing some games to become familiar with the maps and where everything was. It was lots of fun! After a delicious dinner (we were very well fed throughout the whole camp!), we played some Pictionary, did a night walk and enjoyed a Milo and biscuits for supper before climbing into bed.

Day 2 was jam packed! The students were split into their day groups and participated in Aboriginal cultures and team building games before lunch. In the afternoon they all played the Web of Life game (which was a crowd favourite) and then got to choose between a hike, orienteering or nature art to finish off the planned activities for the day. After dinner we had a bonfire where we played games, cooked damper on sticks and roasted marshmallows. Yum!

The third and final day started with us splitting into our day groups once again and participating in plant propagation and exploring freshwater life. It was fascinating! We had our final meal at Arbury Park before catching the bus back to school.

It was an amazing 3 days with great staff, wonderful leaders and a fantastic group of students!

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