Van Gogh Alive - Installation Excursion

On 27th August we travelled down to Van Gogh Alive and to the Gallery of South Australia to look at some inspiring installation art.  Installation art is art designed to fit a space or can be art that is easily moved.

The Van Gogh Alive experience included a journey through Van Gogh's life with both his own art, art that influenced him and music that accompanied the images, adding to the overall experience.  Students were surprised at the amount of art Van Gogh created in his life and shocked by the dramatic end to the installation ( won't give it away, in case people are planning to attend!)

The sunflower and starry night rooms proved very popular with the selfies and has hopefully given students some ideas that they could use in their own pieces.

We had a very brief visit to the gallery, looking specifically at 3 pieces of installation art on display.  Chiharu Shiota's "Absence embodied" grabbed our attention, with not only the webbed cocoon effect, but also the body part bits that held it together.  Least favourite, but definitely a piece that generated a lot of discussion was "We are all Flesh" in Gallery 13.  If you haven't had a chance to see the gallery lately, it is well worth a visit.

Thank you to the students, who were great ambassadors for Yankalilla Area School and also to the parents and our wonderful front office staff, who were able to process the invoices so quickly.  Last but not least, thanks to Mr Mikulcic for an entertaining bus trip in and out of town.

Penny Ellin, The Arts

Van Gogh Alive