A note from our Pastoral Care Worker

A BIG HELLO to our YAS community, it has been quite a while since my last communication with you.

I sent this picture to our staff last week. I also wanted to share the sentiment with you all. 

I would like to acknowledge your willingness to be adaptable during these crazy covid times..

With QR codes, sanitiser, masks, signing in, drop off at the front door, restrictions to entering the school...it sure has been a challenging time for all. 

The buzz of the playground before/after school is certainly missing, but let me encourage you, your children are doing great! The confidence and independence of all the students, especially the little ones, grows daily. 

Saying "good morning' to them as they climb up the stairs, put their hands out for sanitiser, then entering the school on their own, sorting out their bags etc, continues to be a positive start to the school day.  We applaud their resilience (and yours).  

In case you ever thought 'I can't do it'..... let me remind you - you can, you have, and you are!!!

Please reach out if you have any concerns. 

Wendy Lindsay ❤️ Pastoral Care Worker