Yankalilla Area School - Annual Report 

Yankalilla Area School is a quality learning environment where all people are valued, every person’s potential is maximised and building positive relationships forms the basis of everything we do. At Yankalilla Area School we strive to provide a positive, enthusiastic, safe and creative learning environment where each student is well supported to meet their full potential by our dedicated team of professional staff who provide diverse, engaging and outstanding educational

Teaching and learning within our School is underpinned by our school values of Honesty, Respect, Excellence, Responsibility, and Care.

Yankalilla Area School is an R–12 community centred school, approximately 73km south of Adelaide GPO. An Out of School Hours Care program is offered and there is a DfE preschool located across the road from the school.

In 2022, our Sight Improvement Plan (SIP) goal was for all students to demonstrate at least 12 months growth in writingper year for the next 3 years.
Success criteria - students will develop their knowledge of sophisticated language features and the structure of genres at the expected
standard. Students will demonstrate reading skills to comprehend challenging vocabulary and unfamiliar text structures. Students will demonstrate the ability to articulate their thoughts and write using complex vocabulary. Students will understand and demonstrate the purpose for writing.

We focused on four of our key actions as outlined in the SIP: all teachers will implement the six high impact teaching strategies into their daily practice:
Collaboratively with leaders and staff, we created five statements of expectations connected to the high impact teachingstrategies. In 2022, we had a targeted focus on structuring the lessons: explicit teaching and success criteria and learning intentions: and goals. This focus was supported through a Professional Development Day led by our Local Education Team (LET) on success criteria and learning intentions.

Please see below a copy of our 2022 Annual Report: 

YAS 2022 Annual Report